to Dear GATCHAMAN fans
of an English area ;

I welcome your visit to my GATCHAMAN fan fics' web site ! If enjoyed my web site, I am very glad .

At first I will decline this things : My fan fics' titles are English , but all the texts are only Japanese, and, you must add a Japanese font when Japanese is not displayed by a browser.
I am a Japanese and this is Japanese web site, So please understand about it :-)

Because I continue loving GATCHAMAN deeply long time (30 years ! ) and understand all of GATCHAMAN very deeply , I have confidence in my ability to write very good GATCHAMAN fan fictions , but I have no ability to translate these into English :-( I were able to Transmute ! or Bird Go ! my all work into English someday , I hope !

However, the fics which I write are very complicated and understand that English translations are difficult , I know . My fics includes metaphors , idiomatic phrases, proverbs, science terms, ninja terms, psychology terms, other various technical terms, slangs, unique expressions, poetic expressions, abstract expressions.....abracadabra.....And these use Japanese Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana letter freely and constitute my fics . Furthermore, it may not be necessary to mention it, but I write my fics by deep understanding for GATCHAMAN and my original interpretation and novel approach .

These are never BOTP ! All these bases are Japanese KAGAKU-NINJATAI GATCHAMAN !

I hope interchange and the friendship that GATCHAMAN fans of Japan and GATCHAMAN fans of other countries with pleasure ! and I welcome a mutual link with my web site if you have GATCHAMAN web site . But please tell me by e-mail when you introduce my fics or arts of other my web site in your web site etc. or when you want to use these ! Because I or one part of artists are professionals, there are not use without permissions ! ( there is it when you must consult with my lawyer . ) However, if you demand approval from me by e-mail usually , and you do not need to infringe a copyright :-)

If you want to leave some message and a question , Please use GATCHA-MAGAZINE !! MAGAZINE BBS is displayed English that items such as a name, an address, a subject, and a message , etc.

Best !

English Here
Sayuri Washio :-)